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June 2021

Post-Pandemic Business Travel & Duty of Care

While post-pandemic business travel is likely to change, the “Back to Blue Skies” corporate report (conducted by Amex Global Business Travel) released last week, concludes that a new hybrid system of virtual meetings and in-person events is likely to evolve, but, more mportantly, finds eight out of 10 business travellers and planners believe that the benefits of the latter outweigh the convenience of virtual participation.

Conducted across a wide sampling of US businesses in April, the report also states that a majority of participants believe that more remote work will also lead to more business travel.

The Blue Skies report states that 78% of the close to 1,500 participants acknowledge that their organization’s business travel policies will be different than they were pre-pandemic, including a greater focus on health and safety, but that 83% of decision-makers are optimistic that business travel will return to previous levels over the next two years.

With that in mind, what has your company implemented for a return to safe travel?   At Uniglobe Travel we can help.  When it is safe to travel again,  to deal with these issues, Uniglobe Travel has a premium Duty of Care application which provides the ability to track and locate travellers in real time and instantly assess any potential travel or safety risk. 

Bill C-45 has legislated the responsibility of employers for the safety of their employees while travelling on business. Uniglobe Travel can provide the essential tools for your compliance with these Duty of Care responsibilities. 

Features include:

  • Traveller Tracking Map and Dashboard
  • Itinerary tracking (flights and hotels)
  • GPS tracking
  • Corporate client dashboard access
  • Flight Monitoring
  • Flight tracking delays, cancellations, gate changes, etc.
  • Travel Alerts
  • Security, volcanic activity and earthquakes, general advisory, political terrorism, extreme weather and hydrological conditions, health alerts,  etc.
  • Pre-trip advisories
  • Reporting capabilities

Contact your Uniglobe Travel agency to learn more about our Duty of Care product and let us help you get back to travelling safely.