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April 2018


A letter from Calin Rovinescu, President & CEO, Air Canada

Switching paper for styrofoam cups seems l like a small thing, but when you serve 180,000 cups a day, it makes for big reductions in hard-to-dispose-of polystyrene waste. This is one example of Air Canada’s efforts to be environmentally responsible – efforts recognized recently when Air Transport World named us Eco-Airline of the Year for 2018, global recognition that we are very proud of.


It’s now well-established that successful companies operate sustainably, and customers, employees and communities demand it. In response, we have improved fuel efficiency by 40 percent over two decades through a $10 billion fleet investment, and we were the first airline to voluntarily join the World Bank’s IMF Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition.

We run a host of conservation and waste-reduction programs. For instance, this year at our Montreal headquarters we began a pilot project offering subsidies to employees who use public transit, while for those who drive we installed charge stations for electric vehicles. We also have a scholarship for employees’ children whose studies relate to sustainability.


In winning the Eco-Airline Award, Air Canada was lauded for its partnerships. Through community groups and small businesses, employees have cleaned shorelines, planted trees and recycled old uniforms, duvets and aircraft materials, including seat covers – which turn out to make fine handbags.     Read More



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By: Matt Meltzer, Globe & Mail, March 21, 2018

1. Put your legs up

Sitting for long periods can cause fluid buildup in your legs, which can lead to muscle soreness and even blood clots. As soon as you reach your destination, lie down on the bed or floor and prop your legs up on the wall or headboard for 15 minutes. It will drain the fluid and reduce swelling.

2. Hit the gym

You might feel completely ravaged when you land, but the best way to get some energy back and your blood flowing again is to exercise. If you're not a big gym person, go for a run or a brisk walk around your destination. It will also help feed oxygen to your brain and muscles after spending hours in the oxygen-reduced environs of the plane.

3. Stay awake until a regular time

Perhaps your first thought after spending 10 hours sitting upright and listening to crying babies is to catch up on all that lost sleep. But that post-flight nap won't allow your body to adjust to your new time zone and will leave you feeling jet-lagged. Power through and stay awake until your usual bedtime; you'll barely notice you're half a day ahead.

4. Cleanse with some saline solution

The dry air and circulating germs on an airplane can leave you susceptible to nasty colds. Flushing your nose out with saline solution after a flight clears your nasal passages of dust and germs, decreasing your chances of getting sick.

5. Carbo load

High carbohydrate intake leads to higher levels of insulin, which help your body adjust to a new eating and resting schedule. Don't stress out too much about the calories; it's just one day. And having lots of starches in your system makes the transition to a new destination a whole lot easier.